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Department of Water Resources Engineering (DWRE) Lund University (SE): Coordinator. Contribute with flood modelling, simulation and LID research experience and stakeholder issue.

Contact person: Linus Zhang, Associate Professor


LUWater, Lund University (LU) (SE): Project coordination and synergy within and outside the consortium; information dissemination and innovation promotion. Synergy work will include connections to other actions such as demand-driven innovation projects, multidisciplinary water portal (

IEA Lund University (SE): Contribute with research on control aspects for the drainage system and optimization solutions for the advisory system.

IEA, Lund University, Sweden will be involved in developing a drainage decision support system (WP5) together with AEGIR, France. The decision support system will not only inform sewer system operators/managers on the current and future state of the drainage network using rainfall predictions. It will also advise the operators on the different possible mitigation strategies to overcome any adverse effects (sewer overflows etc.) to the extent possible. A highly simplified 1-D model building toolbox for the urban catchment and sewer system is already developed at IEA. This toolbox can be used to quickly develop simple models for various catchments. The toolbox also includes models for various control elements (storage tanks, values, pumps etc), so various potential control strategies (both static and real-time) can be evaluated for the forecasted weather situations. Additionally, IEA has experience in handling source data quality in wastewater treatment systems and the knowledge can be further expanded to the data arising from sewer system (e.g. flow and level measurements) to provide high quality data to the modelling system and also to the database for decision support.

Contact person: Ulf Jeppsson, Associate Professor and Deputy Head of the department. E-mail:,  phone: +46 46 2229287 Website:

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