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Strategy Document of NHF (2014)

Vision (§ 2 Purpose of the NHF statutes)

The Association shall promote Hydrology as a science, strive for improved understanding of Hydrology and the practical application of hydrological methods within applied science and national planning in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The Association shall also support international cooperation within Hydrology.>

Long term goals

  • To strengthen NHF as an active and attractive forum for Nordic and Baltic hydrologists.

  • To bridge the gap between hydrological research and operational hydrology.

  • To promote the exchange of information between the scientific communities.

  • To inform administrative bodies, the private sector and the public about the importance of hydrological knowledge.

  • To encourage and stimulate regional cooperation between hydrological institutions across the national boarders of the region.

  • To be a forum where both young and more experienced hydrologists can meet.


Short term goals (2014-2018)

  • Increase the activity level of NHF, by supporting e.g. conferences, workshops and study courses.

  • Promote the exchange of information on current hydrological topics, such as the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive and the effect of climate change on hydrology in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

  • Maintain and develop efficient administration of the association, and keep members informed through the web site and e-mails.

  • Increase the number of members, in particular institutional members.

  • Use Twitter as an active way of communicating hydrological information in the Nordic and Baltic countries.



For the period 2014-2018 the following activities are relevant:

1. Webpage information: Updates about conferences and national services etc.

  • Offer to "promote institutional members" on the webpages by displaying their logos and home pages.

  • Investigate the possibility to announce vacant positions for hydrologists.

  • Tweet regularly; increase the number of tweets by circulating responsibility for the account among board members.

  • Publish annual reports about NHF activities.


2. Nordic Hydrological Conference

  • Choose main themes and sub-topics with the aim to:

    • Attract scientists and decision makers.

    • Invite scientific high level key note speakers.

    • Encourage master and PhD students to present their work.

    • Share bilateral understanding and experience of common scientific and administrative hydrological issues.

    • Present former and current research projects with the aim of providing a sound basis for decision making.

    • Develop concepts for future collaboration.


3. Hydrology Research

  • Publish Hydrology Research together with BHS and IWA.

  • Contribute to an increased number of high quality articles in HR, by e.g. encouraging participants at NHCs to submit papers.

  • Contribute to an increased awareness of articles in HR to improve the citation rate of HR, by e.g. twittering about HR-publications.

  • The letter from the editors to encourage publishing will be distributed to NHF members.

  • The Chair of NHF or the head of publicity committee is to participate at the annual meeting with IWA publishing.


4. Other activities

  • Support financially conferences, seminars, workshops or study courses, especially to initiate project cooperation.

  • Suggest topics for project cooperation to the CHIN (Chiefs in Hydrology in the Nordic countries) to share knowledge and strengthen the scientific basis for decision making.

  • Cooperate with national and international hydrological organisations (EGU, IAHS) by: 1) becoming a member of the IAHS forum for national and regional hydrological organisations, 2) initiating an on-line version of "Nordic glossary of hydrology", by collaborating with the Nordic and Baltic national hydrological institutions or organisations.

  • Ensure the flyer about the aims and benefits of NHF is kept up-to-date.

  • Revise the statutes as needed.

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