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4IT AB is a company from Lund in Sweden that develop their own products within decision support, called 4DECISION. 4DECISION is a dynamic reporting tool based on Microsoft OLAP technology. Central to 4DECISION is that you work with structured data together with the necessary descriptions of terms and concepts that are always easy to reach so that there is never any hesitation about what you actually see in the presentations. The visualisation in 4DECISION is based on five main components which are tables, graphs, gauges, KPIs and maps and can work on virtually any data. It is especially useful when information needs to be distributed to major user groups, where all do not have specialist knowledge in each subject area. With 4DECISION, you can easily create simple and structured presentations to users. For each presentation, you can decide how much interactivity you want to offer, so that you can provide both the “rarely users” and users with more advanced analytical needs. It also makes it quick and easy for the more advanced users to create and share presentations themselves to others. 


4IT AB will develop a user-friendly web interface adapted to non-technical users thru summarizing measures and modelled data and enable views into underlying database architecture.  After that 4IT AB will integrate all DSS components into the platform. This platform will include visualization tools to allow the user to understand early warning system, demonstration of potential impacts due to climate change scenarios, quantify/compare the use of LID solutions against conventional urban design, integrate current management systems, advice on flood prevention action options based on assessment of key performance indicators and thresholds of urban drainage systems.

Contact person: 

Ada Özduman

Sales and Marketing


phone: +46-736372121



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