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Since 2012 WIN Water helps new innovations get faster access to the water market. WIN Water is an open innovation marketplace and business network within the water sector. WIN Water has grown to more than 70 members, including small innovative companies as well as partners - large corporations, universities, water utilities and more - including the whole chain of water-related industry.


The partners are represented by the private sector with companies and large corporations, the public sector with municipalities and public utilities and the academy with universities and research institutes. They all represent the market need for new solutions and innovations. Our partners get a good view of trends and business intelligence; WIN can be an eye opener for what is possible and which technologies could replace the outdated ones.


Participating innovation companies get early feedback directly from the market. They receive coaching from WIN to help develop their new products and services as well as their business. With close connections to venture capital, test beds, universities and corporations, WIN can be a helping hand on the way to success. With early feedback from partners, innovation companies can adjust their focus to the market needs and realize the full market potential of their innovation. The support, coaching and opportunities WIN offers to the members are adapted to each company´s needs. 


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Contact person: 

Johan Kronholm

Development Manager


phone: +46 704 26 70 79



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